1st Toronto-Singapore Short Film Festival

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Documentaries

Past Tense
A Film by Mirabelle Ang
30 min
English, Mandarin, Teochew, Malay

Mirabelle Ang’s documentary is a panoramic journey for the eyes as she interrogates her feelings about Singapore after living in America. Introspective and visually stunning, this film share Ang’s views on learning and unlearning while raising questions of cultural identity.

Director's Bio
Mirabelle Ang is presently pursuing her graduate degree in the Film & Video program at the California Institute of the Arts. "I wanted to make a film that the Singaporean audience would enjoy, just as the international audience would by looking at ourselves and making sense of our direct environment." says Ang,"It is an invitation to the audience to enter a thought process with me."

Singapore Rebel
Canadian Premiere
A Film by Martyn See
26 min

One of the most notorious films to date, Singapore Rebel has been banned in its home country by the government the film has set out to criticize and deconstruct. This film tells the story of Dr. Chee Soon Juan, a political activist who is trying to break the one-party domination in the present Singaporean government by starting an opposition. Screened at numerous human rights festivals, Singapore Rebel forces the viewer to consider the problems in the democracy as we know it.
Visit the website at http://singaporerebel.blogspot.com/

Singapore Gaga
North American Premiere
A Film by Pin Pin Tan
55 min
English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Malay

Singapore GaGa is a charming portrait of the diverse Singaporean population. Original and refreshing, this documentary focuses on the sounds which define the people yet are often taken for granted. You hear the stories of Melvyn, a busker; Juanita, the voice on trains and elevators; a newsgroup speaking in six different Chinese dialects; and many more. Prepare for an ear-opening journey across the beautiful aural landscape of Singapore. Visit the website at http://www.singaporegaga.com/

Director's Bio
Tan Pin Pin, born 1969 in Singapore, is a writer and director of films and videos. She completed her film studies at Northwestern University with an MFA. In 2004, she was an Artist in Residence at the University of Technology in Sydney. Her works have won more than twenty awards and nominations include a Student Academy Award and the USA-ASEAN Film Award for Moving House .


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