1st Toronto-Singapore Short Film Festival

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The 1st Toronto-Singapore Short Film Festival is the first film festival of its kind in Toronto. Our objective is to introduce Singapore to the audiences of Toronto through short films made by Singaporean filmmakers. Film is an incredible combination of sound and images, which could well be the most realistic depiction of life as compared to other art forms. To be able to see Singapore on celluloid is a unique experience, since audiences in Toronto know little about the country, not to mention the films it produces.

During this festival, new friendships and networking opportunities between the two regions are created. It is our hope that through this inaugural film festival, that people will get to catch a glimpse of life on this unique island called Singapore.

Happy viewing!

Yeow-Tong Chia
Festival Organizer and Coordinator
1st Toronto-Singapore Short Film Festival


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